Culver City Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’re searching for a personal injury attorney, you always want to make sure there are certain qualities they possess so you can win your case and feel comfortable partnering with them.

Not every Culver City personal injury lawyer is willing to help as much as others, and you always want a skilled and professional attorney on your side. 

When you want the best, reach out to Manard Law, LLC.

We Have a History of Personal Injury Cases Like Yours 

Not every personal injury case is the same. You want to find an attorney who has past experience with cases like yours, whether it be a slip-and-fall, an auto accident, a workers compensation claim, a dog bite, etc. Find an attorney who specializes in your case type and has a passion for working cases like yours. 

Try to find a lawyer who works in your community, so they know other cases from the area. This also ensures they know people at the courthouse, and they can pair you with some of their peers if there is an instance they can’t specifically help you with. 

We Take the Time to Understand Your Suffering 

Some lawyers are overwhelmed and will work on your case but won’t take the time to understand what happened. They also won’t really take the time to know how they can help you emotionally. We’re not like that.

A good attorney will be able to take their empathy and turn it into something the jury can understand. When you have an understanding and sympathetic lawyer from our firm, we will be able to translate it to the jury and the jury will be more likely to be on your side. 

We Don’t Get Paid Unless You Win 

Most attorneys will not take payment unless they win. This is a pretty standard part of working with a lawyer. If a lawyer tries to take money from you or make you give payments without a win, you should partner with a different lawyer. 

Make sure the lawyer explains all their fees clearly. If they are shady about their fees, move on and find another attorney. Give us a call to meet with one of our team right away.

Trust Is Guaranteed 

Trust is the most important part of any relationship with a lawyer. If you don’t trust them, you won’t feel comfortable asking them questions and you won’t want their advice. This could really hurt your case. 

Ask for testimonials and references and see if they are willing to provide them. You should also see how quickly they contact you and how often they reach out to you. 

Get Ahold of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Culver City

A local Culver City personal injury lawyer from our team can help you with your claim. At Manard Law, LLC we strive to provide the best possible representation for personal injury cases. We are ready to partner with you and give you all the information you need.

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