Hawthorne Car Accident Lawyer

Any car accident can be a distressing experience, but some car accidents will cause you more distress than others. If you have severe or permanent damages, you might have trouble returning to the life you had before the accident. 

Choosing whether or not to start a lawsuit after a car accident is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. A Hawthorne car accident lawyer near you can help you make the right choice for you.

Settling Versus Suing After a Car Accident

After you file a car insurance claim, the insurer will likely offer you a settlement, and you can choose to take it or negotiate for more money. Many people choose to partner with a lawyer at this stage because a lawyer can help you value your losses after your car accident and see how that figure compares to the settlement offer. 

If the settlement is close to the value of what you need, you may be well-advised to take the amount you are offered. 

But if the insurer isn’t making a fair offer that covers your losses, you may decide to go forward with a lawsuit. This is where a lawyer can really go to bat for you. With our years of experience with car accident claims, we can set you up for success and help you seek the full compensation you deserve.

Keep in Mind Your Injuries

For large settlements and lawsuits that see the best outcomes, there are usually extensive or serious injuries that need compensation to recover from, as well as additional losses like medical expenses and lost wages.

Discuss your injuries with your lawyer and seek their input regarding the amount you should be due after your car accident. 

Use Your Lawyer’s Opinion 

A lawyer will be able to accurately advise you when deciding if moving forward with a lawsuit is the right idea or if you should take the settlement. They can go over the offer made and the value of your case and see which is the best idea. 

Make sure to find a lawyer who has experience in car accident claims and knows the outcomes of car accident lawsuits in your area. Having a knowledgeable and professional lawyer from Hawthorne will allow you to trust their judgment. 

Get Ahold of a Car Accident Attorney

With over forty years of successful results for injury victims like you, Manard Law, LLC provides the best possible representation for you after a car accident. We want to help you with your car accident claim in Hawthorne. 

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