New Orleans 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

An accident with an 18-wheeler is no small thing. It can be extremely dangerous and life-threatening. They can not only lead to serious injury but also death. 

In the wake of such an incident in New Orleans, you may need the lawyers at Manard Law, LLC to make your claim a success. If you are looking for justice, search for a suitable New Orleans 18-wheeler accident lawyer to help you.

Are 18-Wheeler Accidents Common in New Orleans?

Unfortunately, they are a lot more common than we may think. Many people die from these accidents, including the truck drivers themselves. Plus, alarmingly, the numbers have been increasing over recent years.

Worse, these dangerous truck accidents can cause severe damage. 18-wheelers weigh more than the average car, and the faster they’re moving, the more dangerous they can be. Hazardous cargo can also lead to devastating injuries. 

What Causes New Orleans Truck Accidents?

The government highly regulates the trucking industry due to the dangers it poses to cars and pedestrians. Anyone who breaks the rules would be responsible for the damages incurred. Because of this, identifying the cause of your New Orleans 18-wheeler accident can help you identify the at-fault party. 

Some of the common causes for truck accidents are as follows:

  • Speeding – Due to their tight schedule, truck drivers might try to meet their required deadlines for the trip by speeding if they have faced a delay.
  • Mechanical Failure – Brakes and tires in trucks can sometimes overheat and fail due to manufacturer or repair mistakes. Your New Orleans truck accident attorney can help you hold the liable party responsible for your injuries. 
  • Distracted Driving – Cell phones are both a useful tool and an easy distraction. Distracted drivers may be unable to stop or act in time to prevent your truck accident. 
  • Driver Fatigue – Due to their long hours and tight schedules, truck drivers might work so hard as to exhaust themselves, leading them micro-sleeping while driving, impair their motor skills, or lose concentration.

When it comes to 18-wheeler accident cases, some important factors need to be considered. These include the proper training of the driver, the driver’s state, weather conditions, the way of loading the truck, its maintenance, and more.

By analyzing these aspects, you would be able to find the real reason for the accident and build a case. It could be the company, the manufacturer, loader, or truck owner.

How Long Do 18-Wheeler Accident Cases Take?

Depending on the circumstances, Louisiana truck accidents can take more or less time to settle. The first thing is to quickly save the evidence. Then it is important to find the real cause for the accident, as it is not always the truck driver’s fault.

But even with sound evidence, it can be tough to get a fair settlement. Your New Orleans 18-wheeler accident attorney can step in and represent you in court. 

Speak with a New Orleans 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

Because of your accident, you may be facing personal injuries and expensive medical costs. Those medical costs may continue in the long run as well due to permanent damage or disability. You would rightly want to hold the responsible person accountable. Since the legal process with 18-wheeler accidents can be complicated, you may need help from the lawyers at Manard Law, LLC We’re committed to helping you get the justice you deserve. Get in touch with a New Orleans 18-wheeler accident lawyer by completing the online contact form below or call 504-585-7777 for a free consultation.