How to File an Insurance Claim for Storm Damage

When a storm like Hurricane Ida blows through New Orleans, property damage is almost inevitable. These storms cause millions of dollars in property damage, and your home or business may have been impacted. But that’s what storm damage insurance is for, right? 

Unfortunately, your insurance company may offer you less than you deserve, leaving you struggling to recover from the loss you’ve suffered. Before you accept a settlement offer, reach out to the lawyers at Manard Law, LLC for help. 

Document All Storm Damage 

When you’ve lost your property or business in a storm, you may need evidence to support your claim. The insurance company may expect photos of the storm damage, as well as any other documents showing what you’ve lost in the storm. 

That’s supposed to help the insurance company get a better picture of the costs of the storm damage and what your claim could be worth. If you’re struggling to get this information, your lawyer can step in and help you collect the evidence you need. 

Contact the Insurance Company 

Once you have proof of the damage, you’ll then need to file a claim with the insurance company. Storm damage can be expensive, but your insurance policy should cover the costs quickly and effectively, right? 

Unfortunately, many New Orleans storm damage victims have a difficult time getting the funds they need from the insurance company. These are for-profit companies and they may try to protect their profits, not your recovery. Because of this, speak with a lawyer about what information to provide and what to say to the insurance company. 

Know What Your Storm Damage Claim Is Worth 

When you’ve lost your business or property in a storm, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the severity of the hurricane damage. You may even wish to leave it up to the insurance company, which should compensate you fairly. 

Unfortunately, not knowing what your claim is worth can lead to accepting a lowball settlement. Insurance companies don’t want to hurt their profits by paying what you’re due, so they may offer a settlement that doesn’t cover the true costs of your suffering. 

Luckily, a storm damage lawyer can help. If your insurance company refuses to work with you, your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf, helping you find a settlement offer that covers your needs. If they continue to refuse your claim in bad faith, your lawyer can help you sue to hold them accountable. 

Talk to a Lawyer About Your Insurance Claim

When you’ve lost most or all your possessions or business in a severe storm, you don’t want to wait long or feel forced to accept a lesser settlement offer for your loss. You need compensation that reflects the caliber of your loss. But insurance companies aren’t on your side. 

The lawyers at Manard Law, LLC are on your side. Our lawyers offer free consultations, so you know what to expect when your insurance company lowballs your settlement or refuses to pay. To learn more about your options to recover after a hurricane, reach out by calling 504-585-7777 or by filling out the online contact form on this page.