What Can I Seek Compensation for After an Accident?

Getting into an accident can be a traumatic experience that can lead to stress, injuries, and damaged property, among other things. If you were not the person at fault for the accident, then you may rightly feel that you deserve compensation for what happened to you. But if you aren’t a lawyer yourself, you may be wondering, “What can I seek compensation for after an accident?”

The answer, it turns out, is many things. That is why compensation laws exist, and some of those laws shall be discussed here. Laws can vary by state, so it is best to discuss a potential claim with a New Orleans personal injury lawyer.

Compensation for Personal Injury

Personal injury is one of the most common types of compensation claim opened after an accident. This type of claim requires that you or your loved one have gone through an accident that was mostly or fully another person or another party’s fault. You must also demonstrate that the accident resulted in your suffering from financial, physical, or mental damage.

You can also be compensated for pain and suffering. Your lawyer can help further explain this concept and help you determine what your pain and suffering is worth from a monetary standpoint.

Compensation for Medical Expenses

If your claim is successful, compensation for your medical expenses can include all the payments you have made due to the accident. These include hospital stays, medication, and more. If your injuries result in the need for ongoing medical care, then you can request compensation to help you with your future medical expenses, as well as to pay for any modification required to your home or vehicle after the accident.

Compensation for Lost Income

This compensation refers to payment for the time you were not able to work while healing, as well as any future loss of wages.

Compensation for Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are uncommon but still occur in certain cases. Punitive damages may apply when the liable party was especially irresponsible in their behaviour—for example, drunk driving. In this case, the driver could be asked to pay punitive damages.

Other Kinds of Compensation

These are some general compensation options. For in-depth information regarding compensation after an accident involving negligence, speak to a lawyer at our firm who is experienced in such cases. We’ll help you get information regarding your state’s compensation laws. 

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