West Hollywood Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been in a car accident, you might be wondering what you should do and how you can receive the best care. Knowing when to partner with a West Hollywood car accident lawyer is also important because you might need additional help when filing a lawsuit or talking to the insurance adjuster. 

Your Adjuster Is Not Giving You a Full Settlement 

An attorney can value your car accident damages and give you an idea of how much you can expect from a claim. If the settlement you’re given is not in the same ballpark as the settlement you are offered, you might want to consider partnering with an attorney. 

Negotiating with the insurance company and adjusters on your own is hard. They might not be willing to talk to you or work with you on a better number. This is where having a lawyer will help ensure you can get a better settlement. 

How Should I Choose a Car Accident Attorney?  

Choosing a car accident attorney can make or break your case for a lawsuit or case in court. The best car accident attorneys will have experience concerning cases similar to yours. Ask for some case history and see the settlements they reached. This will give you a better idea of the work ethic they have and what kind of settlement they might be able to reach for you. 

You need to also choose an attorney who knows the laws and can work with them. For example, they need to know the statute of limitations or the time you have to file the lawsuit. They will be able to work with you as soon as possible and make sure the claim is filed before the limitations period is up. 

Save Yourself Time 

If you don’t partner with a lawyer, you will need to do the paperwork and legwork on your own. This can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you have severe injuries or if you need to work. You might miss certain parts of the paperwork, which can delay your lawsuit and court hearings. 

Partnering with a lawyer will help ensure everything gets done on time and on schedule. They can also organize the evidence and make a settlement demand letter. This will greatly ease the burden off of you so you can focus on your injuries and recovering in the best way you can. 

Get Ahold of a Car Accident Attorney

With over 40 years of successful results for car accident injury victims, Manard Law, LLC provides the best possible representation for your car accident case. A West Hollywood car accident lawyer can help you with your car accident and insurance claims. 

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