New Orleans Hurricane Business Interruption Lawyer

When a hurricane comes through, many Louisiana residents and business owners face serious losses due to storm damage. Your business may have been forced to close because of Hurricane Ida, damaging your finances and your future. Worse, the insurance company may be unwilling to cover your losses. 

That’s where a New Orleans hurricane business interruption lawyer can step in. Our lawyers at Manard Law, LLC are here to help if your business has suffered because of a hurricane

How Hurricanes Can Hurt Your New Orleans Business

New Orleans businesses may face a lot of losses in the wake of a hurricane. But how bad is the damage, and what will your business interruption insurance cover? It’s easy to forget what you’re due, so be sure to speak with a business interruption lawyer before you accept anything. 

Your settlement should cover more than lost profits. You may have grounds for a settlement for other losses, such as wages, taxes, and the costs of temporarily relocating your business. These expenses can all add up, but your New Orleans insurance company should cover the costs. 

How Insurance Companies May Avoid Paying for Your Losses

But that doesn’t always mean your insurance company will take the appropriate steps to compensate you. They may act in bad faith, leaving New Orleans business owners to face their expenses alone. 

In some cases, this is as simple as denying your claim or lowballing the settlement you’re due. But not all insurance company actions are so simple. 

For example, they may offer fair market value for business equipment, like vehicles. But if these tools are a total loss due to water damage, you may need funds for the cost to replace those items entirely. Your lawyer can help you calculate these losses and seek the funds you need for a full recovery.

How a New Orleans Business Interruption Lawyer Can Help 

If you’ve suffered a business interruption because of Hurricane Ida, a New Orleans business interruption lawyer can help you recover the funds you need for your business. They have the experience and knowledge you may not have when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and taking your claim to court. 

This isn’t the first time our lawyers have dealt with an insurance company that refuses to pay. We know the system and what evidence you may need to prove they were acting in bad faith. Then, we’ll represent your claim in court, handling the details so you can focus on your business needs. 

Seek Out a New Orleans Hurricane Business Interruption Attorney 

When a hurricane hits Louisiana, you may have grounds for an insurance settlement for your losses. When the insurer refuses to pay, your New Orleans hurricane business interruption lawyer is here to help.

If you’ve been denied a settlement, or if your settlement was reduced or delayed, the lawyers at Manard Law, LLC want to help, beginning with a free consultation. Reach out by calling 504-585-7777 or by completing the following online contact form.