What If My Hurricane Ida Insurance Claim Is Denied?

If you’ve suffered financial losses in the wake of Hurricane Ida, you can file a claim to counteract any expenses incurred and mitigate the financial devastation. Fire and foremost, ensure your safety before contemplating filing an insurance claim. Some things can be replaced, and others can’t.

If you’ve filed your claim and have been left reeling when it was declined, try not to panic. Insurance companies often initially reject claims, but with assistance from a lawyer and some background information on what you are and aren’t entitled to, your odds are significantly improved. Read on for more details on why your claim may have been declined and advice on how to proceed. 

My Claim was Denied; What Can I Do? 

Having your insurance claim declined in the wake of such a terrible event is undoubtedly discouraging. The chartered financial analyst (CFA) expects Hurricane Ida insurance claims to exceed $19 billion, and private insurers will receive more than 180,000 claims by individual homeowners. These numbers alone make it clear why insurers are unwilling to approve more claims than they must, but that doesn’t justify refusing victims the money they’re entitled to. 

An insurance company may cite several reasons for declining your insurance claim. They could state that you’ve provided insufficient evidence of the damage you’ve declared or argue some of the damage was likely pre-existing. They may request proof of the expenses accrued or suggest your damages exceed your policy limits. All of these are upsetting to hear, but that’s not to say you’re without hope.

When you’ve lost everything, the house, your belongings, the business, and the cars, but you’ve found yourself in one of the scenarios mentioned above, you’re entitled to appeal the insurance company’s decision. To do so, you must not sign the insurance agreement you’re prompted to and instead exercise your right to demand evidence regarding why your claim has been declined, citing the terms of your policy. The information gathered during this process will be invaluable when presented to a lawyer, who can help you take further action if the insurer remains unwilling to accept your claim.

Seek Advice From a Lawyer in New Orleans, Louisiana 

When you’re entitled to be indemnified following Hurricane Ida and your claim has been declined unfairly, get in touch with a lawyer Manard Law LLC for assistance seeking the insurance payment you’re owed. For your free case review, visit us online or call 504-585-7777 to speak with a member of our team, and we’ll offer you the advice and guidance you need to proceed with your claim and rebuild in the wake of this disaster.