New Orleans Loss of Business Claim Lawyer

Losing your business in a devastating storm can damage your finances for years to come. But that’s the unfortunate reality that many New Orleans business owners are facing in the wake of Hurricane Ida and many other storms. 

Worse, your business insurance company may make your recovery more difficult. They may have lowballed the settlement your loss of business is worth, or worse, they may have refused to settle with you. 

The lawyers at Manard Law, LLC are here to help. If you’ve lost business because of a storm and your insurance company is refusing to work with you, reach out to a New Orleans loss of business claim lawyer. 

What Do I Include in a New Orleans Loss of Business Claim? 

Loss of business claims should cover the costs you’ve suffered while you’re unable to run your business. The costs of being unable to make a profit on your business may cause you to lose significant amounts of money. 

Calculating your New Orleans loss of business claim can be tough. Your finances may be complex, so you may need a lawyer’s tools to determine this amount. Typically, your claim is based on the net income you lost, continuing expenses, and additional costs that may accrue, like rent for the building. 

Insurance Companies Aren’t On Your Side 

You may think you can rely on your New Orleans insurance company for help. Sadly, they may be unwilling to help you recover from the suffering you’ve experienced. They may instead try to protect their profits. 

You may be paying thousands of dollars per month for your insurance policy, but a New Orleans loss of business claim may be worth millions. Because of this, they may try to avoid paying for the damage to your livelihood. 

What if My Louisiana Insurance Company Denies Me in Bad Faith? 

But that doesn’t mean New Orleans business owners are out of options. Victims of Hurricane Ida have opportunities to act now with a lawyer’s help. 

For example, you may be eligible for a lawsuit against the insurance company for acting in bad faith. If you believe your insurance company is unfairly denying you for the losses you suffered due to the storm, your lawyer can help you build a claim and take it to court. 

Proving that your business was tangibly impacted is key. For example, your lawyer may gather evidence that you were forced to close due to weather conditions or related damage. Your lawyer can then represent you in the courtroom to help you go after your funds. 

Contact a Loss of Business Claim Lawyer in New Orleans 

If you’re hurting financially following a hurricane, you should be able to rely on your insurance company for support. But they may do their best to avoid paying out for your business’ losses. 

If they refuse to help you, reach out to a New Orleans loss of business claim lawyer. The attorneys at Manard Law, LLC have the tools you need to build a claim against the insurer and seek out the funds you need for your recovery. Reach out for a free consultation by calling 504-585-7777 or by filling out the online contact form below.