New Orleans Offshore Injury Lawyer

Offshore maritime work involves many risks and hazards for the workers. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure workplace safety, employer training, and the provision of suitable equipment. Failure to do so can lead to devastating accidents.

If you suffer an offshore incident, your injuries may range from mild to critical. Some offshore workers even lose their lives in tragic maritime accidents. Even when you are not critically injured, you may still have to live with lifelong consequences.

After an offshore accident, you have to face steep medical treatment costs. You may also suffer financial stress due to lost wages, lost earning capacity, and other forms of losses. A New Orleans offshore injury lawyer can help you explore your legal options and seek compensatory damages from the liable party. 

Common Causes of New Orleans Offshore Injury Accidents

Offshore accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. Here is a look at some of the most common factors that contribute to maritime worker injuries.

On-Deck Hazards

A vessel deck has many heavy pieces of equipment onboard, which must be suitably secured. When heavy objects are not secured, they move around in a rough sea. Many New Orleans offshore injury accidents are caused by this.

The deck is also home to different electrical and mechanical systems. All of these pose potential risks for maritime employees.

Violation of Safety Rules

Many federal, state, and industry-specific safety regulations exist for maritime employers. These regulations are meant to ensure the safety of a vessel and any workers on board. You may suffer injuries when the employer or employees on a vessel fail to uphold these regulations.

Lack of Training

You must be properly trained before you can operate maritime equipment or perform other specialized tasks on a New Orleans offshore rig. If you or your coworkers lack such training, you run the risk of serious injuries. It is the responsibility of an employer, such as an oil company, to provide this training.

Types of New Orleans Offshore Maritime Claims

Different types of claims can be filed after an offshore accident in New Orleans. This is because maritime work is regulated by several legal acts in addition to the U.S. Maritime Law. These include the following:

The actual type of claim you can file depends on many factors. These include the precise location of the incident, the type of accident that caused the injury, the nature of the offshore facility, and so on.

Why Hire a New Orleans Offshore Injury Attorney?

If you have suffered injuries in an offshore accident in New Orleans, you must contact an experienced lawyer. You have to identify the damages you can seek, determine the liable party, and decide what type of claim to file.

A New Orleans offshore injury lawyer can help you with all these aspects of a maritime claim. Our attorneys work with you to recover the medical costs, lost wages, and other types of damages. Contact Manard Law, LLC today by calling 504-585-7777 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your injury claim.