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A car accident is one of the most common incidents on the road, yet the consequences can be disastrous. Our car accident lawyers can provide the best representation available to help ensure you receive the funds you need to recover.

All drivers accept the risks involved every time they share the road. No matter how safely you drive, the chances of a car accident are always there.

A car accident can range from being inconvenient to traumatic, which is why it’s important to know what your rights are and what to do after an accident. When another party is liable for your accident and you need help to recover, you could be entitled to compensation. Read on to learn more about your next best steps and how a Thibodeaux car accident lawyer can help.

What to Document After a Car Accident

Right after the car accident, the most important thing you should do is ensure your safety by calling 911. Emergency services will dispatch first responders and the local police to evaluate any injuries and secure the accident scene. 

Allowing first responders to address your injuries immediately will prevent insurers from scrutinizing the cause or severity of your injuries. The responding police officer will help move cars to clear traffic, secure the accident scene from further carnage, and write an official report which your lawyer can use later as evidence to support your claim.

Once your injuries are addressed and the scene is secured, when possible, use your smartphone to capture as much evidence as you can. This involves taking both photos and videos of the scene, including its immediate surroundings.

Louisiana law also requires the driver at fault to provide his name, address, and the registration details of their car. Local police may investigate and take evidence of their own, but it’s best practice to gather your own evidence

Who Is Liable for a Car Accident in Thibodeaux?

Unlike no-fault states where those involved in a car accident should primarily seek compensation from their respective insurers, Louisiana is an at-fault state.

This means that the injured party or the victim in a car accident should go after the party whose negligence caused the accident. This can be tricky in cases where both parties are blaming each other. Your lawyer can investigate to determine fault and gather evidence to support your claim.

Problems can arise when the insurance provider refuses to pay or offers a low-ball settlement.

Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence when it comes to people seeking settlements from insurance companies. If you’re lucky not to be denied, they will offer a substandard settlement for pennies on the dollar and then drag their feet in hopes you get desperate enough to accept an unfair deal. Another tactic is denial by placing the blame on external causes, and sometimes even the victim, all in order to avoid being liable to pay. 

Your Thibodeaux car accident lawyer has managed hundreds of claims just like yours. We know the tactics used by insurers and we’re ready to take on your claim and make it another success story.

What Could You Recover from a Car Accident?

When you’re hurt, unable to work, and need compensation, it’s important to establish the nature of the incident. Understanding the extent of your losses and establishing the negligence of the liable party are both critical to the success of your claim. But what kind of damages can you recover through a car accident claim?

There are two common categories of compensation in car accident settlements, economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages address your losses that come with a price tag like past and future medical needs, lost income while unable to work, lost earning capacity if you cannot return to your old job, and property repairs and replacement.

Non-economic damages are your way of seeking compensation for things like the physical pain you suffered, emotional anguish like PTSD, disfigurement, and loss of consortium. But how can abstract or intangible suffering be quantified?

Your lawyer has the tools and experience to put a number on your suffering and help you calculate a sum total that addresses every way the accident has negatively affected your life.

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