New Orleans Truck Accident Lawyer

When you’re on the highway in or near New Orleans, you may see plenty of commercial trucks. These trucks are responsible for hauling goods across the country, but when a driver is careless, they can be dangerous. That’s where the lawyers at Manard Law, LLC come in. 

If you’ve been hurt by one of these commercial trucks, your New Orleans truck accident lawyer can help you recover. Reach out for help with a personal injury claim when you’re hurt. 

Who’s Liable for New Orleans Truck Accidents? 

New Orleans truck accidents can be severe, and recovery may not be easy. Because of that, you need to know as soon as possible who’s liable for your injuries. Once you know what caused the accident and who’s responsible, you can take action. 

But that can be complex. For example, the truck driver may have been driving long hours, and they’re sleepy. But surprisingly, that doesn’t automatically mean they’re liable for your suffering. That may instead be the fault of the trucking company, which is responsible for hiring and for ensuring drivers follow state laws. 

Below are some of the people and parties who may be liable for your injuries: 

Compensation for New Orleans Truck Accidents 

When you’re hurt or have suffered financial losses in a truck accident, you may be due compensation for the suffering you experienced. But what is your claim worth?

Your economic damages cover the costs of your financial suffering. That includes things like medical bills, lost wages, and property damage, which can be added up and included in your claim. 

Non-economic damages are intangible, which means they may be harder to quantify. For example, how do you calculate the value of your pain and suffering? Luckily, your lawyer can help you get answers and get compensated fairly. 

State Laws May Impact Your Claim

When you’re hurt in a New Orleans truck accident, state laws can impact your claim and your next steps. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to make a mistake that reduces or dismisses your claim completely. 

For example, Louisiana residents only have one year to file a lawsuit for their injuries. If you’ve been hurt recently, you may need to act fast, speak with a lawyer, and file your claim as soon as possible. 

Accepting part of the blame may seem natural since few accidents are totally the fault of one person, but that can hurt your claim, too. If you’re found partially at fault for the truck accident, you may lose part or all your compensation. Talk to your auto accident lawyer about defending your case from these accusations. 

Connect with a Truck Accident Lawyer in New Orleans 

If a truck driver was careless with your safety, the impact can be devastating. Your injuries may be overwhelming, and now, you’re struggling to recover from the suffering you’ve experienced. 

When this happens, you may need a New Orleans truck accident lawyer on your side. The lawyers at Manard Law, LLC are here to represent you, making your recovery easier when you’ve suffered serious injuries and financial losses. When you’re ready to talk, we offer free consultations for those who need answers. Call 504-585-7777, or fill out the online contact form below.